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Evaluate Your Board Experience
1. You approve proposals that you don’t really understand
2. The Executive Director runs the board meetings
3. Most of the meetings are spent on administrative details
4. You feel like you merely rubberstamp your CEO’s initiatives
5. You have very little idea whether or not you are doing a good job
6. Your board sort of uses the Carver Policy Governance® model

Read how Ted Hull, a consultant with The Governance Coach has helped other organizations change their responses from yes to no.

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A Case Study

He was the founder of a mission organization; establishing it with friends who agreed to sit on his board. Some were happy to provide support, encouragement and funds for the ministry. A few believed it was their responsibility to question travel costs, or hold the reins on administrative salaries or explore the extent of cell phone contracts. The board members were his friends, but the frictio...

FYI - Policy Governance® Isn’t the Silver Bullet for a Church Board

July 20, 2015

If your church governing board challenges, Policy Governance is a model that you could consider. However don't believe it's the silver bullet. Learn from the mistake of others. ......